26 - January
BioChimPharm Revolutionizes Phage Therapy with Modernization of World's Oldest Phage Factory

BioChimPharm has renovated the world`s oldest phage factory which was originally built in 1934.
The factory has been updated to comply with an internationally recognized standard EU GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

Georgia has a rich history in the development of phage technology. 

Phages are tiny microorganisms that kill bacteria, in the modern world where we have a huge antibiotic-resistance problem, producing and providing access to phage therapy is essential. 

"Millions of people still do not have access to phages, leaving patients vulnerable to antibiotic-resistant infections," said Rati Golijashvili, the General Manager of BioChimPharm. "With this project, we are increasing our production capacity and export area, thus making bacteriophages available for millions of patients across the globe. The modernization of the manufacturing plant with high-tech infrastructure and production lines will enable BioChimPharm to scale up its production in compliance with internationally recognized manufacturing standards, to become more effective in the fight against resistant infections, and to overcome the global threat of antibiotic resistance."

BioChimPharm has nearly 100 years of experience in phage R&D and production, BioChimPharm's mission is to cut the overuse of antibiotics in the human and animal health industries and to overcome antibiotic-resistant infections globally. 

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